A Note From Yvette & Scott

We have some news: there are some changes in the works for the Dram Club you know and love.

In early Feb, Yvette will be relocating permanently to take up a new role in her other (inferior) career in the arts in regional Victoria.

Subsequently, Dram Club’s Sydney-based tastings will come to an end for the foreseeable future.

Scott will, thankfully, be staying in Sydney, but is moving back to the Promised Land (the Western Suburbs).

When we first started Dram Club all we wanted to do was to share whisky with people in great local pubs. Throwing a bunch of events and making a whole ton of great friends (not to mention cracking some pretty rare Aussie single casks, and whiskies brought back from distilleries around the world). We think we’ve gone some way to achieving that.

Four years after we came up with the idea over a Resch’s in a pub. we are bringing the current era of Dram Club to an end, and we’d like to thank everyone – whether you were a regular or only popped by once – for indulging our passion and making the events such bloody good fun.

Dram Club/Ardent Spirits Co. will return in some form in 2017 and we’re working on ideas to continue sharing our devotion to amazing whiskies and spirits with everyone.

(If you need an inner-city fix, Scott will continue to be active in the Sydney whisky and spirits scene with his role at The Oak Barrel.)

We’d also like to thank the venues we worked with. There are a number of venues around Sydney that have experience the Dram Club treatment, and that you can still find our whisky selections at, but there are two in particular that let us hang around for multiple whisky tasting ‘seasons’ and ‘grand finales’: The Bat and Ball Sydney in Redfern and the Golden Barley Hotel in Enmore, who both now have fantastic ongoing whisky selections, which we highly recommend 🙂.

If you happen to have a gift voucher that you haven’t yet redeemed or have any other questions, please email
Other than that, thanks again and we’ll see you round the traps sooner or later!

– Yvette & Scott