A Chat With Iniquity Whisky’s Ian Schmidt

Hailing from South Australia, Iniquity is the single malt brand of the new Tin Shed Distillery. Rising from the ashes of the South Coast Distillery saga, the first batches of Iniquity (#1, #2 and #3) appeared late 2015/early 2016. Batch #3 is already a Dram Club winner.

With more releases scheduled for the coming months (gotta wait for those barrels to mature!) we caught up with Tin Shed’s distiller Ian Schmidt for a quick chat.

First off, what are you drinking right now?
Test driving Iniquity batches 004, 005 and 006.

What’s your job role/title at the distillery?

How and where did you learn to distill?
A little bit from my father as a teenager, a lot from books, a bit from other Australian distillers and just giving it a go.

Is there anyone in the industry you particularly admire?
Bill Lark, Patrick Maguire and David Baker, as they made it easier for those of us that followed them.

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the industry at the moment?
A looming shortage of good oak, financial pressures forcing distillers to release product before it is ready and detracting from our new national reputation for quality spirits.

What’s a story about working in the distillery that only comes out when you’re talking to mates at the pub?
I tell a story about the look on a copper’s face when I was breath tested on the way home from the distillery.  I had spilt whisky on my clothes and the car and I stank of whisky, but I blew 0.0, much to the disbelief of the policeman!  He made me repeat the test with a different breathalyser.

Is there a moment or a product that you’re most proud of?
I am proud of everything we put in a bottle and love hearing people telling me how much they enjoy it

When you’re not drinking your own booze, is there anywhere in Australia you particularly like to enjoy an Aussie craft spirit?
At anchor on a yacht, or around the camp fire.

Any exciting news/products coming up that you can let us in on?
Yes, but none that I can share with you I am afraid.

Visit Iniquity’s website here.

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