About Us

Dram Club is currently on hiatus as we formulate our plans for 2017 and beyond.

News very soon, but in the meantime here’s our original ‘About Us’ from many moons ago.

We were so cute back then. 

dram-club-originalWelcome to Dram Club!

That’s Scott (the moustached one, usually wears a hoodie) on the left, and Yvette (the tall redhead) on the right. Hibiki 12 in the middle.

Dram Club really began four years ago, when the two of us realised we needed someone else to drag along to whisky tasting events, share the odd dram with and help in halving the cost of expensive bottles. After all those years, we decided that we should probably stop having all the fun ourselves and begin to share the spirit.

It started off with friends (old and new) asking for recommendations, then others counting on us to be the ones with the awesome bottle at BBQs. Then the local bar (Parkside Bar) asked us to write up a whisky menu for them (we were drinking most of it anyway)… and things just grew from there.

We want to open up the way people think about drinking whisky, and the way they think about whisky events. Whisky drinking is traditionally considered quite a serious affair, but while we’re dead serious about our love of the ‘water of life’, that’s not what we’re about.  We want to be part of a pub’s atmosphere, part of the social atmosphere, and share our favourite drams with people who want to learn more about whisky. Let’s share a meal, have a beer on the side (we recommend Resch’s) – but definitely share a dram and a chat.

We also want to help venues we like to grow their whisky collections and their whisky appreciation. This way people who want to enjoy a dram can do it in more places and people who want to experience something new don’t have to mortgage their dog.

And it gives the two of us an excuse to not feel guilty about the sneaky daily dram anymore.

Scott & Yvette